SGO48 continues to recruit 2nd generation members

YAG Entertainment2020-01-09 09:01:44
After one year of debut in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, SGO48 continues to recruit 2nd generation members.

SGO48 continues to recruit 2nd generation members

- Opportunity to become an idol


After one year of debut in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, SGO48 continues to recruit 2nd generation members.


SGO48 is the sister group of AKB48 in Vietnam and follows the "idol you can meet" model and is expected to become "National idol group" in Vietnam. Members of SGO48 are trained by Japanese and Vietnamese experts in various fields from vocal, acting, dancing to manners ... to become a complete idol with a clean image and say no to scandal.


The operating model of AKB48 has spread throughout Asia such as JKT48 (Indonesia), BNK48, CGM48 (Thailand), MNL48 (Philippines), AKB48 team SH, AKB48 team TP (China), AKB48 team TP (Taiwan), MUB48, DEL48 (India), HKT48, NMB48, SKE48 (Japan), etc ... With the expectation and the desire of reaching out to the Asian entertainment market, YAG Entertainment and Yeah1 Corporation continue to recruit 2nd generation members to join SGO48.


Training after joining SGO48


Joining SGO48 group, members are trained followed by Japanese standards at no cost. Each member will have the opportunity to participate in game shows, TV programs, films ... chances to go abroad and perform with other 48 sister groups; support for accommodation, meals, travel and receive incomes; sign exclusive artist management contract. These are the great benefits of joining SGO48.


With the "from zero to hero" training system, normal girls will be trained to become "bright jewels" to shine on stage, bring inspiration and positive energy to many people. So if you are not good at singing, dancing, do not be afraid, just try your best with your passion and determination to pursue your own dream, you achieve what you want.


2nd generation admission regulations

Registration conditions

- No experience required

- Born in 1998 to 2008 and not under any management company at the time of result announcement.

- In case of under 18 years old, agreement of guardian is required


How to register

Fill out the registration form, attach 2 photos (1 portrait photo and 01 full body photo) and a self-introduction video (under 2 minutes).

* Note: Image file must be under 5MB (only accept JPG, JPEG, PNG format). Video file must be under 40MB (only accept mp4, mov, webm format).



SGO48 2nd generation audition has 3 rounds as follow:

- Round 1: Online registration: January 11, 2020 - February 22, 2020

In this round, you will have to fill out the registration form and prepare the required documents.

- Round 2: Interview: April 11, 2020 - April 12, 2020

Those who pass the first round will advance to the 2nd round. More details about 2nd round will be updated after the selection of 1st round ends.

- Round 3: Training and selection: May 9, 2020 - May 10, 2020

Those who pass the 2nd round will go through training and join final selection round to become an official member of SGO48.

- Final result announcement: May 17, 2020


Score calculation and contact method

The most suitable candidates applied in the 1st round will be chosen to enter the 2nd round by the Organizing Committee- face to face interview. If you pass the 2nd round, you will be trained by experts from Japan and Vietnam about dance, vocal and enter the final test.


All details will be contacted directly via phone and email. In addition, those who pass the 1st round will be announced on the SGO48 official website and facebook page.